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Todd’s Tappings – Colfax Hipster

BEER NAME: Colfax Hipster - Double Hazy IPA - 8.3% If this beer was a car, it would be a Toyota Tacoma with a "NATIVE" sticker, dirty from the last snowfall but they won't wash it off because it looks like they drove it in the mountains. The only summited for that pile of snow […]

Todd’s Tappings – The Devil Went Down to Denver

BEER NAME: The Devil Went Down to Denver - Belgian Golden Strong Ale - 10.3% There's a devil waiting to get out in all of us, and that devil is thirsty for a strong, easy drinking ale. Brewed in the Belgian tradition that lets the yeast shine through, our strong ale highlights the fruity, elegant […]

Todd’s Tappings – Koopserstown

BEER NAME: Koopserstown - Blonde Ale - 5.0% Brewed with pale malts and flaked oats, our Hall of Fame Ale knocks it out of the park! Our lightest and most sessionable offering is a perfect patio pounder, before or after the game.

Todd’s Tappings – Colorado Rye IPA

BEER NAME: Colorado Rye IPA - Rye IPA - 5.5% ABV We made a special IPA featuring malted rye from Troubadour Maltings in Fort Collins. Our hop blend of Amarillo, Cascade, and Centennial create a unique tropical aroma that backs the spicy malt flavor from the rye. Balanced, assertive, and smooth.

Todd’s Tappings – Schrödinger’s Silö – Pilsner

BEER NAME: Schrödinger's Silö - Pilsner - 4.5% ABV Our brewers use a silo full of two-row malt for most of our beers, but we can't ever be sure how much malt is in there. That means we keep bags of specialty malt to use once it goes empty to create one-off, specialty brews. This […]

Todd’s Tappings – Little Triangles – Vienna Lager

BEER NAME: Little Triangles - Vienna Lager - 5.7% ABV (fun fact - there's a fun BS story about little triangles in this description but the real reason is because one of my cats was stalking me and I could just see the little triangles of her ears as she was coming for me) This […]

Todd’s Tappings – Aggressively Average Pale Ale – American Pale Ale

BEER NAME: Aggressively Average Pale Ale - American Pale Ale - 5.5% ABV Yelp reviews can be interesting places of inspiration. After reading a review about Amanda Bynes, soggy fries, and an aggressively average burger, we knew we had to make an Aggressively Average pale ale. We use a special blend of hops to showcase […]

Todd’s Tappings – Kurt’s Mile High Malt – Coffee Lager

BEER NAME: Kurt's Mile High Malt - Coffee Lager - 6.0% ABV A lager brewed with coffee using a recipe built by Kurt Vonnegut’s grandfather who was a brewer. The first batch of this beer was brewed in 1996 and again in 2007 as a tribute to Kurt’s passing, but this fan and staff favorite […]

Todd’s Tappings – 3D Art (Sailboat) – American Wheat Ale

BEER NAME: 3D Art (Sailboat) - American Wheat Ale - 6.0% Unfocus your eyes, look through the picture, and enjoy this liquid art. Not everyone can see the sailboat in the 3D art, but everyone can drink our American Wheat Ale. We brewed this refresher with Lemondrop hops and the zest from 50 fresh lemons […]

Todd’s Tappings – Pile of Fun – American Brown Ale

BEER NAME: Pile of Fun - American Brown Ale - 5.5% ABV *GABF EXCLUSIVE RELEASE* We made this special American Brown Ale for the 41st Great American Beer Festival using malt from all over the world. Using six different types of malted barley and even some flaked barley give this brew a deep, complex aroma […]

Todd’s Tappings – Fest Friends Forever – Marzen

BEER NAME: Fest Friends Forever - Marzen - 5.5% ABV Celebrating the traditional style of beer brewed for Oktoberfest in Munich, our festbier is brewed with Munich Malts, Tettnang and Saaz hops, and Rocky Mountain water. Malty, rich, smooth, and best enjoyed with friends. Prost!