By John Sims

I’ve been brewing all kinds of beers at Wynkoop for a few months now. If you’re curious, here’s a run-down on some cool stuff I’ve been whipping up:

Nug Life IPA

My first beer at Wynkoop was a wet hop IPA called “Nug Life” (a play on “thug life”) and it was a hit. So, moving forward, we’re going to brew a non-wet version year round and make the wet version a seasonal offering.

(We can only do the wet version once a year because of the wet hop harvest season.)

Monk-y Business Tripel Belgian

Clocking in at a whopping 10% ABV, you’ll have to be careful because this is an easy-drinking, straight-forward, pilsner malt with a sparing use of hops.

Move Your Car Porter

This is a robust Porter on nitro. What’s up with the name? Well, there are a few interpretations. Historically, porters were traditionally brewed for working people, and a “porter” is considered a blue collar job. In addition to that, the guy that moves your car is usually called a porter, and a lot of customers have to move their car while they’re here because of the parking meters downtown.

Pub Dub ESB

Belly up to the bar for this cask-conditioned English style ESB pub beer that’s not heavily bitter or high in alcohol. Beer geeks who enjoy cask-conditioned beers will really enjoy this one.

Call Me A Fruitcake Belgian Red

Just in time for the holidays – in 2017. This will be a Belgian Red aged in brandy barrels with dried fruit. It won’t be released until next year because it needs to age for the next 11 months. But it will be worth the wait – it’ll taste like fruitcake in a glass.

Donut Beer

Need something to look forward to in early 2017? I’ve got a doughnut coffee oatmeal stout on the dock for January. We plan on pairing with a local donut shop to provide us with the donuts to infuse into the brew.

Czech Yourself Pilsner

Now that it’s “dark beer season”, I came up with a little twist: instead of brewing a traditional stout or porter, I brewed up a Black Czech-style Pilsner. Imagine a dark beer without the roasty character. It tastes just like a pilsner if you close your eyes.

(Since the beer is called “Czech Yourself”, I’m tempted to whip up a triple IPA along with it and call it “Wreck Yourself”.)


As part of our Beer Drinker of the Year contest, our current reigning champ, Shawna Cormier, is supposed to come over and collaborate on a beer with me. One of Shawna’s mantras during the contest was “Gose is good”, so we’ll be brewing up a special Gose. And it will be good, I promise. 

Stay tuned. I’ll be coming up with even more new stuff in the next few months and there will be even more new beers in Denver!