Brewed! Episodes On Demand

Watch the trailer below to check out the new series “Brewed!” or check out the full episode featuring Wynkoop now available On Demand.

(From Brewed!  Website):

Blood, Sweat, Tears and Cheers Crafting the American Dream!

From the Rocky Mountains through the Heartlands into the Northeast and all the way to the Sun Soaked states out West, there is one passion that is shared by millions – the joy of the craft beer community.

Brewed was born out of the need to shine light on, celebrate, and showcase the evolution and camaraderie of craft brewing.

This TV series is a first of its kind, documentary style, look inside the brewing world of small tap houses and larger scale brew pubs. Stories of true grit, guts and ingenuity told by the men and women who gave up everything in pursuit of a dream.

Brewed will educate, enlighten and entertain viewers across the country. You will see first hand the struggles and the sacrifices, but you will also learn what it takes to go from home brewer to successful brew house. And somewhere in the middle, an emotional journey that once again proves only the strong survive.

Brewed and get-brewed.com are providing a platform to energize and engage enthusiasts, newbies, beer geeks and aspiring brewmasters.